ETWAY – in the center of the European project SPHINX: Multinational collaboration for technological innovation.

We are thrilled to announce that Etway, a leading company in the photovoltaic sector serving infrastructure, is currently fully engaged in the European project SPHINX, funded by the European Commission under the Horizon EU program.

After winning the funding call a few months ago, we have committed to this exciting initiative which will last for three years. The SPHINX project, involving various partners from eight different European nations, aims to promote technological innovation in the European landscape.

Etway is proud to be one of the twelve partners involved in this ambitious and stimulating challenge. Among our valuable collaborators stands out the Fraunhofer Institute a renowned German research institute, with which we are preparing to establish a fruitful working relationship.

The project was inaugurated with a Kickoff Meeting held last December, attended by all partners, including our Etway team.

This event represented an important opportunity to get to know each other and establish solid relationships with the other entities involved in the project. Thanks to transnational collaboration and the diversified expertise of the partners, SPHINX aims to address crucial challenges in the field of renewable energy production. Through the exchange of knowledge and the implementation of innovative solutions, we aim to create added value for the entire European community.

Our involvement in SPHINX confirms Etway’s commitment to technological development and innovation. We look confidently to the future and are determined to actively contribute to the success of this ambitious European project. For further information and updates on SPHINX and other Etway projects, we invite you to visit our website and follow us on our social channels.

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