Installation of an acoustic sound barrier in Sassuolo has been completed

Pubblicato il: 2 agosto 2017

It has been successfully completed an acoustic barrier to protect the surrounding area of a company which operates  in the collection and processing of and trade in metal scrap. This company manipulates and mobilizes metal components through machines and tools that were used to produce a lot of noise; a barrier along the perimeter of the firm has therefore been made necessary.Etway designed a technical solution taking into account the needs of the customer and focusing on an effective and high-performance idea for solving the problem of noise pollution in the surrounding area. An ad hoc solution was thus conceived by inserting the barrier into a wider context by constructing it with a base made of prefabricated reinforced concrete walls anchored to the existing pavement by means of chemical anchors.The benefits of this solution are many; less building materials, lower costs, simplifying installation work, saving space.