Photovoltaic Noise Barrier (SSP)

Photovoltaic Noise Barrier (SSP)

The Sound Solar Panel (SSP) originates from Etway’s idea to integrate a traditional product such as the acoustic sound barrier with photovoltaic panels. SSP has a twin function: to solve the noise problem in areas with high noise pollution, and to enable the production of electricity from a renewable source, thus guaranteeing an economic return on investment at the same time.

Applications of SSP are quite diverse: it can be installed along high noise pollution routes such as roads, motorways, and railways; or to shield highly sensitive sites such as schools, hospitals, parks, and residential areas. The sound wall can also be used to intercept noise produced by industrial activity such as extraction, production, and manufacture.

The product consists of three perfectly integrated components: the panel structure in metal carpentry is completed by two phono-absorbent cushions in mineral wool, resistant to both water and heat, and integrated with custom photovoltaic modules designed to maximise energy productivity and ease of installation.

The SSP’s fixed inclination angle (33°) guarantees maximum energy production and avoids overshadowing other panels underneath. Acoustic absorption and insulation indices measured in reverberation chamber tests have led SSP to a class A4 phono-absorption certification (UNI EN 1793-1) and a class B3 phono-insulation certification (UNI EN 1793-2). The product is also CE marked.

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