Electric Car Charge Point

Electric Car Charge Point

Etway distributes the DriWe Charge station, the most advanced fast charging solution and the most complete line of charge points available on the market today. This product stands out of its elegant design, it is perfect for a user’s charging needs and offers the best technology and functionality for charge points in terms of safety and remote usage via smartphone.

All charge point models are user-friendly, and the charging process can be started or stopped in a few simple steps, either with a smartcard or a smartphone. Locating a nearby charge point, planning a route towards it, and booking it remotely for later use are made easy by the mobile app. Those who choose a DriWe Charge station may allow its use by others, creating a network of interconnected users.

DriWe Charge is a compact, streamlined product in two models: wall-mounted/column, or floor-level. The former has a single socket and a lower charge capability, and is therefore adequate for private use only; the latter has two sockets, higher charge capability, and is suitable for public use.

The charge point can be used by any kind of electric vehicle, including Tesla and Renault. It is easy to install where a mains connection already exists in proximity to the designated use area and requires no electrical or masonry work. Both the outward appearance and the digital display can be customized with the client’s choice of logo and colors. The product is available in a wide range of charge capabilities, from 3 kW to 50 kW, for maximum flexibility of use.

Choose DriWe Charge to save more and pollute less: electric fuel costs 70% less than traditional fuel, and a 20 m^2 photovoltaic installation can power more than 15,000 km of journey every year.

For more information, visit the official DriWe site, www.driwe.eu.